Steve Regis is a fictional character created by Jozef K. Richards, originally known only by what would later become an alias to him, Fat Steve. His first appearance was on a since-lost cassette tape of comedy skits made by Richards in 2001 and he was the focal character of an illustrated book made by Richards entitled Fat Steve's Reunion Party, which involved Fat Steve reuniting all of the characters from the various comics and illustrated books Richards had made since 1995. When Richards obtained his first video camera, the first sketch produced on video was "Fat Steve Cribs", a parody of the series "MTV Cribs" hosted by Fat Steve. In the first episode of the original "Friday Night Weekly", Fat Steve was the focal character of the first sketch. An unreleased and possibly lost video game entitled Saving Milton, produced by Richards and Erik Jastrowski, starred Fat Steve as the default main selectable character of 4. In 2004, with a reinvention of the character, Fat Steve became the on-stage persona of Steve Regis, a milder version of the character that wasn't fat and wore a suit and tie; Steve Regis was the actor who played Fat Steve. Either version of the character appeared in every episode of "Friday Night Weekly". Although Fat Steve or Steve Regis did not appear in the 2013-2015 "Friday Night Weekly" series, production of the short film "Stand Up, Steve Regis" is mentioned in the episode "Uncle Knows Best", of which Steve Regis is the focal character.