Over the years there have been a number of projects started or announced by King's Tower Productions that have become delayed or canceled before production was completed, or in some cases even began. Often this has been due to budgetary or scheduling conflicts. Some of these projects have been officially terminated, while others' statuses remain unconfirmed.

Delayed or canceled projects by King's Tower Productions

Years as an active project Title Format Status Actors featured in existing footage
2017 Reach For It Feature film Canceled Matt Henry, Reuben Glaser, Billy Glaser (test footage only)
2017 "Talking Shit" Film series Canceled Jacob Woelfel, Brian Edward, Jozef K. Richards, Jason Lawson, Robert M. Price
2015 "Pacific Mind" Short film Delayed indefinitely Allison Alemán, Ledis Arango V., Andrea Marcela Londoño, Alex Trapp
2015 Eterno Feature film Delayed indefinitely
2014; 2016 "Cereal Buds: The Combo Crunch Show" Film series Canceled Alex Trapp
2014 "Ecological Instant" Short film series Delayed indefinitely Alex Trapp, Ledis Arango V.
2014 "Let'z Play VGamez, Boyz" Film series Canceled
2014 "Learn the Verbs with Bill Radley" Short film series Canceled
2014 "Stand Up, Steve Regis" Short film Delayed indefinitely (test footage only)
2013 "Friday Night Weekly" (talk show) Film series Canceled Jozef K. Richards, Matt Henry, Chelo, Matt Mast, Herman Lor, Nick Oelerich, Steve Krejci
2013 Friday Night Weekly Feature film Canceled Stewart Gibb, Chris Ouchie, Jozef K. Richards, Jacob Woelfel, Cami DesJardins
2011 Suburban Wanton Feature film Canceled
2010 "Bitter Berry Bliss" Short film Canceled Chris Ouchie, Rick Herd, Jon Elliott, Jozef K. Richards, Shawnteka Davis, Ryan Dewerth, Matt Mast, Russ Montney, Elizabeth Tannehill, Matt Henry
2008 "When the Cats Are Away" Short film Canceled Isaiah Hair, Chris Ouchie, Jozef K. Richards, Alex Trapp
2007; 2009 Hidden Morels Feature film Canceled (b-roll only)
2006 "Blackberry Bliss" Short film Canceled Kendall Yorkey (test footage only)
2004 Cultivated Contingency Feature film Canceled Clifford Allen, Mike Christian (test footage only)