Jozef K. Richards is the owner and founder of King's Tower Productions and a writer, director, producer, actor, and editor. He is the filmmaker of The Amateur Monster Movie, The Wayward Sun, Batman & Jesus, and "Holy Shit", among others, which are distributed by King's Tower Productions through platforms such as Vimeo, Amazon, and YouTube.

He is most recognizable for his on-camera role as a fictionalized version of himself and the alter-egos associated with it, Father Jozef in "Holy Shit" and Introspective Man in Batman & Jesus.

Filmography as writer, director, producer, actor, and editor

Title First release On camera role(s)
"Nicolas Cage Mother Mary" 2018 Anthony
Batman & Jesus 2017 Introspective Man / "Jozef K. Richards" / Carrier Bot 9000 (voice) / himself
"King's Tower Quarterly" 2016 himself
"Holy Shit" 2015 Father Jozef / God (voice) / Miriam (voice) / Joseph
"Poké Men & Women" 2015 Cooltrainer Mark / Thief
"Un Jardín Adentro de La Violencia" 2014 Germán
"Friday Night Weekly" 2013 "Jozef K. Richards"
The Wayward Sun 2013 Chaz / Zion / The Owl (voice)
The Amateur Monster Movie 2011 Johnny Mason
"Rodents" 2010 Brian
"And If By Yes" 2008 Techno Satan
"Kevin vs. Kevin" 2008 Roommate / Roommate's Evil Twin
"Biden My Time" 2008 Host (as "Kyle Richards") / Barack Obama (voice)
"Kevin vs. Phelps" 2008 Coach
"Our Favre" 2008 Brettreem Abdul-JaFavre
"School with Brule" 2008 Steve Brule, Jr.
"Seffy D" 2008 Host (as "Kyle Richards")
"Three Suits" 2006 Nick
"Friday Night Weekly" 2002 Fat Steve / Cool Joe / Stuvon Sunatra / "Kyle Richards" / VanOuchie Impostor / Big Bob Udderman / Michael Rent / Artie / Hank Hill / Sonic the Hedgehog / Dr. Phil / Jimmy Parker / Jim Belushi / Regis Philbin / Benjamin / Franklin D. Roosevelt / Steve Regis / Patrick Warburton / The Mystical Man / Robert Krulwich / Timmy the Troll / Rascal (voice) / Sebastian (voice) / Styles